Katie Welch is an American Pop-Jazz singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, her cinematic pop-soul sound highlights her powerful presence and soulful voice, influenced by the greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and Celine Dion, but with a dance/disco-funk edge inspired by The Jacksons, Prince, Cher, Stevie Wonder, and Christina Aguilera. One of LA’s best-kept secrets and the music industry’s next big thing are just a few words that have been used to describe her. A full spectrum entertainer with a diverse range of performance abilities crafted since the age of two, she can sing, she can dance, she can act, she is a host, and activist and philanthropist, the list goes on. 

Her first EP Typical Psycho was released in 2018, followed by multiple features and collaborations with DJ Shitty Princess and now her upcoming project The New Renaissance

“I believe music is the Universal language that connects us all. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we are all just matter + vibration and frequency, which is why music can affect us so deeply. Music has always been there for me in any experience I've ever had. I have written music for heartbreak, for healing, for hope, and for pure fun and entertainment, it all serves its purpose. My dream is to share the music in my heart with the world in hopes others can connect to it, to know they are not alone and realize how connected we all are.”